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Why “Surviving the Swim” Doesn’t Work

For a good number of triathletes the swim is their weakness. I’ve found that this stems from the human nature of people simply not wanting to do what they’re not good at. Unless a person participated with a swim team

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Why Triathletes Should Swim with a Masters Group

Hearing the term “Masters Swim” tends to intimidate a majority of swimmers who don’t consider themselves to be competitive or even competent in the sport of swimming. I believe that this is due to them using the wrong definition of

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Stroke Rate…Part 2

In my last post I touched on some of the basics behind stroke rate, why it’s very much an individual pursuit and not a one size fits all situation. In this post I’ll show you a research paper that helps

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Stroke Rate…Part 1

When we talk about cycling or running cadence we often refer to a cadence of 90+ steps/revolutions per minute which tends to be the most efficient for a majority people. Unfortunately we can’t use this same reasoning when it comes

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Distance Per Stroke

There seems to be a general lack of misunderstanding regarding the Distance Per Stroke (DPS) swim drill that we see so often written into training plans and referenced in swim and triathlete magazines. Most of the time I see swimmers

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