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Chris Ross

Chris Ross is one of the newer members of Team Texarkana. He trains and races regularly with Team Edge. Chris has joined T3 on a few group rides earlier this year, thus far we haven’t scared him away.

Chris is starting his third year of cycling. Although relatively new to racing Chris has had some impressive races and finishes. Chris is no stranger to the winner’s podium, his best finish to date was in the American Heritage Classic 2010, he finished 1st place in the Mens cat 4 group.

Chris plans on racing in the HHH later this year with aspirations to finish in the top ten. Chris plans to road race and compete in a few duathlons for the next couple years with a long term goal to become an Ironman before age 50.

Chris completed his first mutisport event earlier this year, The Dustbuster Duathlon. We’re hopeful Chris will fully embrace the dark side and compete in his first triathlon in the near future.