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Howard Honnoll

Howard “Hojo” Honnoll is a long-standing member of Team Texarkana and Team Jackass. Hojo has been graced with the total package, movie-star good looks, raw athletic talent, and just an all around good guy.

Hojo competed in his first triathlon, The River Cities Tri in 1994. He’s been going strong ever since. His race resume, too long to list. Suffice it to say, Hojo has a lot of races under his belt consistently placing in the top 3 finishers in his age (or weight) division.

Howard has competed in Sprint, Olympic, and Half Ironman Distance Triathlons on multiple occasions. He ultimately earned the title of “Ironman Honnoll” in 2001 when he completed the Gulf Coast Ironman Triathlon with an impressive time of 14:41:26.

Hojo retired in 2002 to ride Harley’s. He logged many long rides on his Hog. It’s been said that Sturgis will never be the same since Hojo tore through the town.

Hojo emerged from retirement in 2006, his comeback year, placing an impressive 2nd place in the Rhino division at the DeGray Triathlon. Since that time Hojo has accumulated more hardware than an Ace Hardware Store.

In 2008, Hojo designed and began maufacturing ‘Bike Stands by Hojo”. He hasn’t sold enough to retire (just yet). T3 members attest that a ‘Bike Stand by Hojo’ is the ‘Cadillac’ of bike stands.

Hojo is a member several elite T3 clubs including the ‘Beat by Jonesy Club’, and the Snoot Mountain support crew.

Hojo is considering another Ironman (140.6) event in 2012.