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Mike Jones

photo.1Mike Jones, also known as Jonesy, is a long-standing member of Team Texarkana and Team Jackass. He is the president and the only presiding officer of the infamous ‘Beat By Jonesy Club’ (BBJC).

Jonesy, a seasoned multi-sport enthusiast has competed in Sprint, Olympic, and Half Iroman distance triathlons. He most recently has earned the title of ‘Ironman Jonesy’ having competed in Ironman Wisconsin in 2010.

A cancer survivor, Jonesy milks it for whatever it is worth, which is not much from our beloved team members.

Mike emcees our local races, adding a zest and flavor rarely seen (or heard) at other races.

Jonesy has transitioned into the ‘Doc Payne taper’ and only rarely graces us with his presence at our weekly work-outs.

Jonesy is a member of the elite T3 club, the ‘Damaged Bike Frame Club’.

Rumor has it Jonesy will return from semi-retirement to compete in his 2nd Iromnan (140.6) event in 2012.