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Mike Riley

Mike Riley…also known as “Rilo” and the “Capn'” is a founding member of Team Texarkana.

The Captain has competed in all triathlon distances and has earned the title “Iroman Mike” on multiple occasions.

This guy does it all, he swims like a fish, bikes like a locomotive, and at one time he ran like a cheetah.

Rilo is nearly indestructible having once suffered a broken neck and has been hit by a pick-up truck – he walked away with just cuts and scratches.  His bike unfortunately did not fare as well, nor did the truck.

Simply put…look up the definition of “tough” in the dictionary, Mike’s photo will be there.

Rilo heads up the annual Team Texarkana Snoot Mountain camping trip.

The Captain is a member of the elite T3 Damaged Bike Frame Club.