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Monty Murry

2607_VG2660515C00-0Monty joined Team Jackass in 2012, with Ironman Texas 70.3 in April of 2012 as his first triathlon ever.  His motto is “GO BIG OR STAY HOME.”   He has been nicked named M&M by the infamous Howard Honnell but would prefer to be called “Mean Machine,” although that one really never took off.  He is looking forward to competing in Ironman Arizona in November of 2013.

 Monty is the team’s official “Videographer” and semi-official “Personal Injury Attorney” should the need ever arise.


 Dallas Marathon (‘11)

Ironman Texas 70.3 (‘12)

Tri The Village (‘12) 3rd place AG

Chicago Marathon (‘12)

Dallas Marathon (‘12)

Four States Tri (‘13) 2nd place AG

River Cities Tri (‘13)

Lake Degray Olympic (‘13)

Lake Degray Sprint (‘13) 2nd place AG

Toad Suck Olympic Tri (‘13) 2nd place AG

Oklahoma Redman (half ironman distance) Tri (‘13)