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Rob Klein

Rob, also known as Doc K, is a member of Team Texarkana and Team Jackass. He’s the ‘concierge’ for Team Jackass having the unlucky duties of designing and ordering team kits. and maintaining the team’s website.

Doc K has completed the NYC Marathon in 2006 and once again in 2010, as well as the Disney Marathon in 2008.

Cycling events include the Hotter than Hell 100, the Tour de Paris, and the LIVESTRONG Challenge.

Doc K has competed in Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman Distance, and Ironman Distance Triathlons including the OKC Redman Halfmax (70.3) in 2009, and Galveston 70.3 Ironman in 2010 and 2012, the Nation’s Triathlon in 2011, and Ironman Texas 2012.

Rob completed Ironman Texas 2012 in the blistering Texas heat earning the title “Ironman Doc K”. As if that was not painful enough, Doc K competed in the 2012 Eurekan Race Weekend, a combination of a Sprint Tri, 100 mile bike ride, followed by a 10K run earning the title “Eurekan”. 2012 was a very busy year!

Doc K is Team Jackass/Team Texarkana’s official foot surgeon, keeping the T3 members running, or at least limping along.

Doc K has finally brought home some hardware placing 2nd in his age division at the DeGray Triathlon in 2011.

He is the 2nd fastest Jewish Triathlete in the Greater Texarkana area having been beaten out of the #1 slot in 2010 by Josh Klein, the only other registered Jewish triathlete in the Ark-La-Tex region.

Rob is a member of several elite T3 clubs including the ‘Beat by Jonesy Club’ and the ‘Damaged Bike Frame Club, and is a survivor of the Snoot Mountain campout.

Doc K plans to compete in at least one Half Ironman distance triathlon and several other shorter distance triathlons with other members of Team Jackass in 2013.