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Todd Payne

Todd “Doc Pain” Payne is a member of Team Texarkana and Team Jackass.

He also serves as T3’s official urologist (along with Doc Pic). Needless to say, the team’s ‘plumbing’ has never been better.

Doc Pain, epitomizes the word ‘Pain”. He has been know to put the hammer down on long rides, leaving many T3 members in the dust – and pain.

Cycling events include the Hotter than Hell 100, the Tour de Paris, and the LIVESTRONG Challenge.

Todd, an accomplished runner, has many long races to his credit, including the Rome Marathon 2008. He is a true team player, helping out T3 members in their training programs in preparation for their upcoming races.

Todd has competed in Sprint and Half Ironman triathlons. He earned the title, ‘Ironman Payne’ in 2009 when he completed Ironman Arizona.

Doc Payne has redefined the term ‘post-race recovery’. He has been in recovery mode ever since Ironman Arizona.

Doc Payne is rumored to begin training in earnest and compete with Team Jackass at Ironman Texas (140.6) in 2012.